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The compact, cost-effective choice: our JC-CC


With the launch of our compact cold-shrink joint JC-CC, we are complementing the portfolio of our cold-shrink joints for medium voltage cables.

A new additional version to our cold-shrink joint portfolio is the JC-CC.Thanks to the advanced cold-shrink technology it is even faster to install than our JC-HS hybrid joint.

Pre-expanded joint body

The basic element of the new compact version is the pre-expanded cold-shrink joint body on a spiral with integrated field control elements. Following installation, a copper mesh is placed directly onto the expanded joint body for the cable screen connection. In a separate process, a pre-expanded EPDM tube is placed on the joint. The ends of the tube are folded back and can be removed by being rolled back to cover the cable sheath.

No heat required

When the integrated spiral core is removed, the joint sleeve shrinks automatically. This means that no heat is required for shrinking, which in turn makes the installation procedure far safer. And thanks to its integrated geometric field control elements, the joint is not influenced by frequencies or harmonics at all.
With its pre-assembled components and short, symmetrical cable preparation dimensions, this compact solution is also faster and easier to install. Because of the integrated patented spiral, no special tools are required either.


Cost-effectiveness and reliability are also key benefits of the JC-CC. As well as taking significantly less time to install, the joint – has a shelf life of up to three years and hence helps to reduce inventory costs.

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